Snow day!

14.01.13 - Snow on my way to work 1
Snow falling on my way to work last night

OK, not a snow day in the sense of school being closed due to the weather, but a snow day in that it was snowy today and we went out to play in it!

Since Tadpole was born in September 2008, we have had precious little snow here, despite the fact that we live on the north east coast of Scotland and you’d expect us to get plenty of snow every winter. As a result, it was only just before Xmas when Tadpole got to try out his sledge for the first time (after receiving it from Santa the previous Xmas!), and until today he’d never known the joy of making snow angels, or a building a snowman, or having a snowball fight.

This was something I thought should be put right immediately, so, as the snow was just deep enough, I went to pick him up from nursery school this morning with his sledge. He giggled all the way home as I dragged him along the streets, declaring, “This is the best snow day EVER!”

Tadpole and I have fun with our sledge

Once we were home, we had a quick lunch before getting him changed into his snow suit (another gift from last Xmas, rather than the most recent festive period, which he’d never had on). Fortunately it still fit and he was wrapped up snug and warm to go and play in the garden. We quickly busied ourselves building a small snowman which, in the end, looked more like a dog, so we took our cue from the recent short animated film, The Snowman and the Snow Dog, and stuck a couple of small sticks into his head, then popped an old pair of Tadpole’s socks on top for ears.

snow dog
Building our snow dog

Snow angels were next on the agenda. Tadpole threw himself down in the snow and waved his arms and legs back and forth in the snow till he made a lovely angel shape, then shrieked with glee when he got up and saw it. He celebrated by bombarding me with a volley of loosely packed snowballs. Of course, I was obliged to return fire and we had a lovely time pelting each other with handfuls of snow.

I hope it snows again tonight!

15.01.13 - Snow angel 1
My snow angel!


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