Reviews Policy

Blog Tours:
If you would like to make a stop at Kincavel Korner on your blog tour, please contact me at with all the details and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Authors – Publishers:
I have been reviewing books since 2005 and am happy to accept books for review, whether from authors or publishing companies. I am happy to accept advanced reading copies/editions, paperback books, hardcover books, and e-books (for Kindle), and will also accept self-published novels.

When it comes to books I want to review, I can be somewhat selective. I read books that I think look interesting to me, and since reading is a passion of mine, it makes sense that I would read about things I love also. Please don’t take offense if I decline your offer to review your book, it’s no disrespect to the author, but simply a personal decision. I will always reply to every email though, so you will receive my decision one way or another.

Types of books that I love and will most likely review:

  • Young adult / Children’s fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror / Thrillers
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Supernatural / Paranormal Fiction
  • Mysteries / Crime Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Dystopian

If it’s not listed above, you can always at least ask me and I will email a response. I am not simply limited to these categories but these are the ones I love the most.

Books in which I have very little interest and will most likely not review:

  • Erotica
  • Romance (Mills & Boon type stuff)
  • Chick-lit
  • Religious
  • Non-Fiction
  • Short stories

However, if you think your book is something out of the ordinary and may interest me, by all means contact me and I’ll get back to you! I am part of the Book Club Forum Reviews Team and may be able to find another team member who is interested in reviewing your book even if I am not.

How long it takes for me to post a review:
I am a very busy person with a full life – I’m a Mum and Wife, hold down a part time job, and am a designer and crafter. Reading is just one of my hobbies. That said, I can usually finish an average-length novel within a couple of weeks (usually less).

I do not give an exact time frame as my reading time depends on many outside factors, and although I cannot guarantee I will review every book I receive, I will do my best to do so and will have a review posted as soon as possible.

What I can guarantee is that I will be honest. If I like a book I will say so. Equally, if I don’t enjoy it I will explain why it wasn’t for me. It’s never anything personal, just my policy to give my honest opinion.

Where I publish my reviews (other than here):

If you would like me to review a book for you, please contact me by email at:

Please provide the following information:

  • Author name
  • Book title
  • Synopsis
  • Email address
  • Picture of book cover (I always use these in my reviews)
  • Whether you’d be happy for someone else to review the book if it’s not to my taste or I cannot accept it

All books I receive for review are from either the publisher or the author. I do not accept or receive monetary compensation for my reviews. Other books I review are books I have purchased from stores directly or borrowed from the library or friends.

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