About Lady Kell

Welcome to Kincavel Korner!

Please feel free to explore my humble home-on-the-web. As you wander around, you’ll probably meet the following people:

Lady Kell

This is me! I’m Mum to two gorgeous boys and wife to a handsome hubby, and we all live together in Northumberland on the north east coast of England. I’m a singer and actor. On top of that, I love all kinds of crafts, but in particular enjoy crochet, cross stitch (and design) and occasionally making cards. I’m also an avid reader (and occasional reviewer), and watcher of films. I also enjoy cooking and spend a great deal of time experimenting in the kitchen. Throughout Kincavel Korner, you’ll find my latest craft projects, the books I’m reading, the films I’m watching, and whatever I’ve been cooking up in the kitchen, as well as what we’ve been getting up to as a family.

& Choochie
Tadpole is our eldest son (no, that’s not his real name, I promise!). He was born in September 2008, just two days after my own birthday. He enjoys music (especially 80s and rock), cars, playing the drums, baking, and generally running around – I honestly don’t know where he gets the energy! You couldn’t find a sweeter-natured boy if you tried.

Our youngest son is Choochie (again, neither are his real name – LOL!) arrived in October 2013. He has a sunny disposition, and is a boisterous, daring little lad, who loves running around and climbing on things. He dotes on his big brother, who he follows around like a little puppy, copying his every move. Fortunately, Tadpole loves his little brother just as much, and they play very nicely together – most of the time – despite the five-year age gap!

24.09.15 - Dale eating Xan's birthday cake

This, as you may have guessed, is my lovely husband. He’s mad about music (especially 80s and prog rock, in particular he likes Dream Theater), and is the lead singer in two bands called Project X and Easy Tiger. He’s very handy around the house and is a wonderful Daddy and Hubby. Hubby also loves movies and sometimes (when he finds the time) writes reviews about all the films he watches we don’t always agree on the films we like, but mostly we do. He’s pretty nifty with a computer and DIY, so he’s in charge when it comes to decorating (I like doing the planning, but not actually doing the decorating – I’m terrible at it and he’s good at it, so I let him get on with it!).

  The newest members of our family are our fur-babies! At Easter 2017, we got Tadpole and Choochie a guinea pig each. Tadpole named his Ginge, and Choochie named his Oscar. They’re very sweet and love being cuddled!

So, now that you’ve met the family, please do pull up a chair and get settled in. I’ll bring you a nice cup of tea and a selection of home made cakes and scones – here, have a bit of home-made jam on that – and I’m sure we’ll get along famously!

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