Sky Blanket Preparation Part 2

sky blanketMy yarn order for my 2016 Sky Blanket just arrived, and I am so excited!

The blues and greys are exactly what I was after, and the white is snowy, just as it should be. I’m especially excited about my fireworks yarn – it’s subtle, yet stunning, and will look absolutely beautiful!

00. YarnHowever, I’m a bit dismayed at how garish my choice for sunsets has turned out to be – it’s far too bright for what I wanted, so I will have to look for an alternative for that, and I’m not 100% sold o my rainbows choice yarn – the colours are a bit too strong and deep for the look I was hoping to achieve, so I may have to rethink that choice too. This is always a risk when you order online – the colours can look a little different on-screen than you expected in real life.

Never fear, I’m sure I’ll find some suitable project for the yarn I won’t use on this project, and I am certain I will find exactly what I’m looking for before the end of the year.

All the yarns are deliciously soft and snuggly – this Sky Blanket is going to be the biz!

Sky Blanket – Preparation

sky blanket

You may have seen my information section, here on the blog, about the Sky Blanket I’m planning on making in 2016. If you’ve not seen it, please do click HERE and have a look – it will give you all the information.

Well, in order to start on 1st January, I’ve had to order my yarn in advance, so I can hit the ground running, as it were.

I’ve decided to make a yo-yo blanket (you can see a previous yoyo blanket I made HERE), with two yo-yos for each day – one for the morning, and one for the evening. That way I can incorporate such things as rainbows appearing, particularly stunning sunsets, or fireworks (for times like New Year and Bonfire Night). I may or may not also include some kind of charm or pretty beads for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, but I’ve not settled on that yet.

Anyway, with two yo-yos for each day, I will be making a whopping 728 of them (two days of the leap year won’t be included, as it will make for uneven rows), which will make up 28 rows of 26 yo-yos. It might seem like a tall order, but each yo-yo will only take a few minutes to create, making this a much quicker and easier project than it would be if I had to do an entire row or more ornate square for each day. It also means I’m more likely to be able to keep up to date!

The colours I have chosen to use are:

  • SKY BLANKETStylecraft Special DK – Aster (for clear, bright, sunshiny days)
  • Stylecraft Special DK – Cloud Blue (for blue sky peeking out between the clouds)
  • Stylecraft Special DK – Duck Egg (for misty, drizzy days)
  • Stylecraft Special DK – Gray (for heavy cloud and pouring rain)
  • Stylecraft Special DK -White (for snow, and also for joining all the yoyos together)
  • Rico Fashion Pixel (DK) – Neon Black (for fireworks)
  • Patons Fab Print DK 100g – Rio Colour (for rainbows)
  • King Cole Splash DK – Sunshine (for spectacular sunsets)

Obviously, I’ll not be starting until 1st January, but I can hardly wait to get stuck in! Fortunately, in the meantime, I have plenty of festive gift projects with which to occupy my time!

I’ll make occasional progress posts as I work on my Sky Blanket, so I hope you’ll pop back every now and then to see how it looks!

Happy Hallowe’en!

Happy Halloween
Our pumpkin lantern

It’s no secret I love Hallowe’en! Always have!

Just because I’m an adult now doesn’t mean I can’t get dressed up and enjoy the spooktacular festivities. Actually, being a Mum means I have the perfect excuse to join in.

Tadpole and Choochie chose their own costumes this year. Tadpole is a scary surgeon and Choochie is a cute little pumpkin. I went with being The Corpse Bride. Just because.

Tadpole and Choochie, ready to go trick or treating

So, Hubby is out trick or treating with the kids, and I’m home answering the door to the young revelers when they knock.

We have a selection of sweet and non-food treats, and everyone who knocks can take one… Or they can be brave, take a challenge, and win two treats for their trouble. Most are opting for the chance of an extra treat. Teeheehee!

The challenges are all silly and easy, things like singing “I’m a Little Teapot”, or patting their heads and rubbing their tummies at the same time, or pretending to be a ballerina or a monkey, or telling a joke – funny little things to make them laugh.

The Corspe Bride, ready to greet all who dare knock!

Have a happy Hallowe’en, a spooktacular Samhain, and a fabulously festive end to October. And stay safe, everyone! If you’re trick or treating, stick with friends, and don’t go into anyone’s house, wear something reflective, and check all your treats before tucking in!

Have fun, guys!

Halloween is coming!

Halloween is comingIt’s just over two weeks to Halloween – is anyone else as excited as I am?

I ADORE Halloween – every year I look forward to getting into the spooky spirit. Unfortunately, I’m married to someone who doesn’t really “get” Halloween, so I have to tone things down a little.

This year, however, BOTH our boys are old enough to be taken trick-or-treating, so Hubby will be taking Tadpole and Choochie out in their costumes (Tadpole has chosen a scary surgeon costume, Choochie will be a pumpkin) while I stay home and dole out the treats to the tricksters who come to the door.

And, yes, I’ll be getting dressed up! Of course I will! This is ME we’re talking about here! I’ll be getting dolled up as the Bride of Frankenstein (I’ve just been colouring in wooden “bolts” silver to stick to my neck with eyelash glue).

I’ve already gathered all manner of treats – of course there are sweeties, but there will also be some fruit and lots of little toys too (think the kind of stuff you get in party bags – crayons, plastic animals, novelty erasers, bouncy balls that look like eyeballs etc), as a lot of kids around our way have food allergies and we know of at least one kid with diabetes and we wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out.

I’ve also prepared a load of “dares” which will be printed on slips of paper. Kids can take one treat from the bowl, or they can do a dare and take two treats for their troubles. It’s all stuff like sing a nursery rhyme, tell a joke, pull a funny face, etc, so lots of funny little things for them to do and have a giggle.

And I can hardly wait to carve our pumpkin! Last year we couldn’t get hold of a pumpkin, so we carved a large watermelon instead and it looked awesome – all dark green and glowing pink inside! I liked it so much, I might do that again this year regardless! And I have some stickers to put up in the window that look like spiders and bats. I might also get some crime scene tape to put up as we have scaffolding around our house right now (the facade is being re-rendered), so that would look pretty cool!

Is anyone else doing anything for Halloween? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who goes a bit loopy at this time of the year!

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Happy 2nd birthday, Choochie!

My little baby isn’t a baby any more – ask him, and he’ll tell you he’s a Big Boy!

Two years has flown by so quickly.

Happy 2nd birthday to our little Choochie!

A birthday party to remember

It will be Tadpole’s 7th birthday on Thursday, so we had his birthday party this weekend. The night before, I was busy in the kitchen all evening, and up till 2.30am waiting for layers of jelly to set so I could add the next colour. Then I was up again early the next morning, and spent all morning assembling sandwiches and getting all the last minute foodstuffs made so they could be transported to the party venue.

As he’s so fond of animals, we opted for an animal-themed party, complete with some animal guests from the Saviours Haven Animal Sanctuary.

I can guarantee that not one of the children there (or even the adults!) will forget that party in a hurry, after all, how often do you get to stroke a fox or a skunk? I have to say, Roly the skunk was my absolute favourite – he has such a sweet little face and was the most placid and good-natured little creature. Anyone who meets him is bound to fall in love immediately!

Everyone, no matter their age, had a lovely time, and I’m sure they’ll all be chatting excitedly about it at school on Monday morning!

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