Happy World Goth Day!

Happy World Goth Day
Here I am in “Goth Lite” mode. Yes, I really am that pale. In fact, my foundation is a touch dark for my skin! Yes, I really am white as a ghost!

Every year since 2009, on 2nd May, it is World Goth Day. The official World Goth Day website describes it as “a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world.”

I’ve always been a bit Gothic (although I suspect some of the more extreme Goths might call me Goth Lite), and adore black clothing, whether period or modern. I suppose with my naturally very pale skin, I was always going to at least look a little Gothic even without trying, but I do love the look and I’m also a fan of quite a bit of the music.

So, here’s to all the Goths out there. I know you’ll all be celebrating the scene and being jubilant about being who you are, because, contrary to popular belief, Goths aren’t always morose. In fact, most of the Goths I’ve known have been some of the happiest people I’ve ever met!

Happy World Goth Day!

Blyth Battery Goes To War


Blyth Battery Goes To War this weekend, with all manner of fun things to see and do, including a battle re-enactment (complete with pyrotechnics), and musical performances from various wonderful artsists (myself included!).

I’m looking forward to curling my hair and warming up my voice for this afternoon!

I’ll be singing solo at 1.45pm on Saturday (outside the cafe), and with friends at 2.30pm. Then solo again on Sunday at 1.30pm, and with my friends at 2.30pm.

It’s going to be a really fun family day out, and it’s all free, so if you’re in the Blyth area, be sure to come along and sample some wartime sights and sounds.

See you there!

Get thee to a polling station!

Green PartyThis one goes out to everyone in the UK…

Can I please ask everyone to do something for me?

It’s not a difficult thing, it’s just this – if you are in the UK and eligible to vote, pull on your political pants and get to a polling station!

I don’t care who you choose to vote for (unless you’re voting UKIP, in which case I will be incredibly disappointed in you, and I don’t know why you’d be here reading this, because anyone who even remotely knows me knows how incredibly anti-UKIP I am!). All that really matters to me is that you exercise your right to vote.

You see, your vote is your voice in politics. It’s the time you get to stand up and say, “Hey, this is what I believe in. This is what I want for my family and friends. This is what I want for my country.” People fought and died for your right to do so (doubly so if you are a woman – don’t even get me started on what the suffragettes went through just so you could have a say in what happens to you and your country!), and to not vote is to directly disrespect them and what they did. For you. For your children. For your grandchildren.

If you do not vote, you are actively saying you do not care what happens to anyone, not least yourself. It is lazy and selfish and disrespectful, and you have absolutely no right to complain afterwards when you don’t like the results.

If you’re still undecided, take a while today to get online and run your eyes over the manifestos of the various parties. Choose the one whose policies most closely align to what you would like to see. If that party isn’t standing in your area, choose the next closest, or look at the candidates themselves and see which one you think you would most trust to take care of your wants and needs on a local level.

Get informed.
Vote with your hearts and minds engaged.

I don’t care if it starts hailing fireballs the size of donkeys, or a volcano suddenly erupts in the middle of your street – don’t let anything be an excuse to stop you from voting today. The polling stations are open from 7am till 10pm, so not having the time is no excuse either.

Don’t let apathy strip you of your political voice.

Pull on your political pants and get to the polling station! This looks to be the most closely contested General Election in this country for decades. Make sure your vote is counted!


I had a conversation with Tadpole the other day, or rather, he had a conversation with me

Tadpole: Mummy, Daddy is forty now, yes?
Me: Yes, he is.
Tadpole: Daddy has some wrinkles around his eyes.
Hubby (calling out in the background): They’re not wrinkles, they’re laughter lines!
Tadpole: Mummy, are you forty soon?
Me (not liking where this conversation is headed): Not till next year. I’m only thirty-eight.
Tadpole: prolonged silence that prompts me to ask…
Me: So, do I have wrinkles as well, then?
Tadpole: No. You don’t have any yet, because you’re not ancient.

Hah! Score one for Mummy! I ain’t ancient, but Hubby is, apparently. So it looks like I have another year and a half before I turn into a wrinkled old hag…

Tadpole and my non-wrinkly, not-quite-yet-a-hag self.

Real Neat Blog Award

real-neat-blog-awardKincavel Korner has been nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thanks to Shawn at Down Home Thoughts for the nomination.

The Rules:

1) Put the award logo on your blog.
2) Answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you.
3) Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
4) Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
5) Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

  1. What is your Quest?
    I seek the Grail! No, actually, I just want to try to be the best Mum I can be to my two lovely boys. That might not sound very exciting to some people, but to me, it’s so exciting I can hardly breathe. I went from being firmly in the “I’m not having kids. Never ever, no, not ever!” camp, to being in the, “Hey, wow! I really want to be a Mum after all!” camp, and although it’s often tough, I love being a Mum and just want to do as well as I can, so that when my boys look back over their childhoods, they can smile and think, “Hey, my Mum was really fun and cool and loved us loads!”
  2. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    Would that be a European swallow, or an African one?
  3. Why or why not is character important to you?
    Character is everything. It’s your grit, your backbone, how you react to any given situation. It’s whether you can be trusted by others and whether you work and play hard or slack off. It’s whether you stand out from the crowd as an individual, or follow it as like a sheep. I like to think I’m more than a little unusual and I hope to instil a strong sense of self and individualism in my boys, so they can stand up for themselves and be themselves, and be leaders, rather than followers. I don’t want my boys to follow in my footsteps – I’d rather they beat their own path. I hope that path is somewhere alongside mine, because I love them and would miss them if they were too far away, but if it’s not, then so be it – I’ll support them in whatever they decide to do!
  4. Is it okay to lie, even a little white lie?
    Sometimes a little white lie is necessary, but on the whole, truth is the best policy. There’s such a thing as tact and empathy, which should always colour the delivery of truth.
  5. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?
    The two emergency C-sections I had to have my boys safely were the hardest things I have ever done. I had to completely let go of my plans for all-natural, drug-free water births on both occasions when Mother Nature decided against it. I was totally gutted, and it still saddens me that I didn’t get that birth experience either time, but it was worth sacrificing that to have my boys arrive safely. Neither one of them would have survived a natural birth, and quite probably it would have cost me my life too. I won’t be having any more babies, so I’ll never get to experience it, but I look at my beautiful boys, and hug them and kiss them., and I know I would do it all again a hundred times over.

The Nominees:

Questions for the nominees:

  1. What is your guiltiest guilty pleasure?
  2. Which fear would you most like to overcome, and how would you go about it?
  3. Would you ever stand as an MP in a local election for your area? And if so, which party and why? (And if not, why not?)
  4. What was the worst dream you can remember having?
  5. What is your earliest childhood memory?


A-Z of my favourite words – in closing

words1So. that was the A-Z of some of my favourite words. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, and perhaps learned a few new words, or even discovered that words you already knew meant something completely different to what you thought. Judging by some of the comments I’ve had over the course of the month, there have been a few eye-openers here and there.

I’ve truly enjoyed delving into the dictionary – and yes, I actually did go through an entire dictionary to choose my words! Most were words I already knew and loved, but some of the letters were more tricky to think of something off the top of my head, or perhaps I had one word ready, but not a second word – for each letter I leafed through the small dictionary sitting on my sons’ bookshelf (because my larger one seems to have disappeared – one thing I have learned is that I need a new dictionary of my own!). I certainly feel a little smarter for having gone through that little book, making note of different words to use, along with their pronunciation and meanings. I also made heavy use of Dictionary.com (which is a wonderful resource, complete with a thesaurus).

Thank you to everyone who visited my little blog during the course of the challenge – I hope you’ll stick around and subscribe by clicking on the handy little button on the right, up at the top, just under where it tells you how many visitors have been here. I do hope you’ll decide to stay, or I’ll miss you all, now that it’s all over!

Did you have a favourite word I used? Or did I miss out your favourites? Either way, I’d love to know (and you can check out the full list of words I used HERE, so check if you missed any!), so leave a comment below.

See you all again for the challenge next April!