(2016) Sky Blanket


sky blanket

What is a Sky Blanket?

Quite simply, it’s a blanket that you make with one row, or square, or whatever, to represent each day of the year, showing the colour of the sky on that day.

I’ll probably be going with mid-day, unless the sky looks particularly interesting at a different time of the day (such as fireworks on bonfire night), or I come up with an alternative idea. I’ll be crocheting my blanket, but it could just as easily be knit or quilted or mixed media – whatever you fancy! You can make every row / block the same, or you can keep it uniform – whatever pleases you most. It can be any shape you want, from the traditional rectangle, to square, circular, hexagonal, or whichever you desire – be as inventive or simple as you want – it’s your blanket!

The yarn I’ll be using is Stylecraft Special DK, for several reasons – they have an amazing range of colours, it’s super snuggly-soft, and it’s a very reasonable price (because making a blanket can be costly sometimes!)

At the time of writing this, I’m undecided as to whether I will be making my blanket with rows or squares. If I do rows, it will have the full 366 rows (as 2016 is a leap year), but if I go with squares or some other shape, it will consist of 360 (shy a few days of the year!), as that would equate to a nice 15 x 24, or 364 (just two days shy!) which would be 13 x 28. Or, if I do two squares per day (one morning, one afternoon), that would be 26 x 28. Either way, I’ll most likely stick to one design throughout, as I like a nice, uniform look to things (I’m quite anal that way!). I may mark special occasions with a pretty bead or charm, or by incorporating a different stitch for that row / block – as yet, I am undecided. I may also include rainbows, when they happen, the occasional spectacular sunset, and fireworks for new year and bonfire night. I guess I’ll see to it when the time comes.

I will showcase my progress throughout the year on my blog, but as a quick-reference, pictures will also be posted here.

If you’d like to join me in making a Sky Blanket, please do leave a comment below and link to where you’ll be posting your progress throughout the year, as I’d love to see what the sky looks like all over the world!