52 things – week 3

52 things in 52 weeksWeek three of my year-long challenge and I’m a little further along in several areas, as well as starting work on some others. I’m tentatively working my way up to trying some hardanger *gulp*

1. Read 52 books in 52 weeks (7/52) – IN PROGRESS

Finished: Noble Smith – The Wisdom of the Shire (reviewed for publisher)
Finished: Anne Perry – Tudor Rose
Finished: Richard Castle – Frozen Heat (Nikki Heat #4)
Reading: Dr Pierre Dukan – The Complete Dukan Cookbook (reviewing for publisher)
Reading: Catherine Crawford – Why French Children Don’t Talk Back (reviewing for publisher)

4. Read only books that I already have for 52 weeks (3/52) – IN PROGRESS
I can confirm I have not bought any books for myself this week. In fact, I have not bought any books at all – not even for others! The final book I ordered before new year arrived, so that’s all my personal book acquisitions finished. I did, however, get sent a bunch of books to review, and borrowed two books from the library.

7. Watch 52 films in 52 weeks (12/52) – IN PROGRESS
Watched this week:

8. Watch 12 films nominated for Oscars at the 85th Academy Awards (7/12) IN PROGRESS
The following films I watched this week were nominated for Oscars:

14. Take Tadpole sledging – COMPLETED

16. Build a snowman with Tadpole COMPLETED

27. Lose 14 lbs (8/14) – IN PROGRESS
No change this week, but no gain, and that has to be good!

36. Do not eat chocolate at all for 4 weeks straight (3/4) – IN PROGRESS
Week three without chocolate! It’s still tough to resist, but I’m managing despite the fact that the staff room at school is always jam-packed with chocolate treats at break time. Literally – chocolate everything all over the table, beckoning to me, whispering, “Come on… one little nibble won’t hurt!” But so far I have managed not to give in to its wily temptations! Almost there now…

38. Eat only vegetarian meals one day every week (3/52) – IN PROGRESS
Vegetarian day: Friday
When I made my vegetarian stuffed cannelloni last week, I made a couple of extra portions and froze them. Doing this is a great money- and time-saver, as I know I’ve always got several back-up meals in the freezer, ready to defrost and either cook or reheat when I don’t have time to make a meal from scratch (or on those occasions when I just don’t have the energy – I do have an energetic four-year-old, after all!). To top it off, this was so tasty, I was glad to have it again!

45. Save all £2 coins for 52 weeks (3/52) – IN PROGRESS
Total saved: £18.00

46. Save all 1p/2p/5p coins for 52 weeks (3/52) – IN PROGRESS
Total 5p pieces saved: £1.45
All coppers have gone directly into Tadpole’s piggy bank.

47. Put aside £10 for every challenge completed (£40/£520) – IN PROGRESS
Another two challenges completes – both with Tadpole in the snow (see #14 and #16). That take me to a grand total of £40 in the challenge pot so far.

41. Learn to do hardanger – IN PROGRESS
I have tentatively begun work on a cross stitch and hardanger sampler. I’ve started with the cross stitched areas because I’m confident with those and once they’re done I’ll be more inclined to continue, even though it will mean progressing to something scary and new, i.e. the hardanger itself, with all the cutting involved!

50. Self portrait picture every week (3/52) – IN PROGRESS
This part of the challenge is more about me getting over my fear of the camera than anything else. I absolutely hate having my photograph taken, but Hubby says he thinks my reluctance to have my image being captured may be rubbing off on Tadpole, so I’m making a concerted effort not to shy away from the camera quite so much. If I can get used to seeing myself in photographs, then maybe I won’t be so ready to bolt when people try to snap me!

This week I’m modelling my new infinity scarf and head warmer which I just finished making. When I wear my hair up I can’t wear a hat, and in the winter, that means cold ears! So I thought I’d get around it with this cozy head warmer which keeps my ears snug without mussing my hair. And of course, I like matching sets, so I had to make a scarf to go with it and thought wrapping an infinity scarf around my neck a couple of times would definitely cut the draft. And as I like pretty things, I embellished them both with giant crocheted flowers that have a button at the centre. Now I’m cozy and stylish when I brave the winter weather, which is handy because it’s been snowing this week!

03. Week 3 - 14.01.13
Self portrait
week 3 – 14.01.13

51. Post a weekly update of my progress on my blog (3/52) – IN PROGRESS
Well, you’re reading it now! As you can see, there has been some progress on some of the long-term challenges, two more challenges completes, and the money in the finances section is already starting to tot up a little!


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