52 things – week 1

listsSo, we’re a week into 2013 and here is my progress on my list of challenges for this year. You can check out my full list of challenges by clicking HERE.

1. Read 52 books in 52 weeks (2/52) – IN PROGRESS
Finished: Suzanne Collins – Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2)
Finished: Terry Pratchett – Miss Felicity Beadle’s The World of Poo
Reading: Suzanne Collins – Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3)

2. Take part in a book blog tour – COMPLETED
See my review of The Queen’s Vow by C W Gortner, ans interview with the author, which is part of his blog tour, HERE and HERE.

3. Interview an author – COMPLETED
See #2 above!

4. Read only books that I already have for 52 weeks (1/52) – IN PROGRESS
I can confirm I have not bought any books for myself this week. In fact, I have not bought any books at all – not even for others!

5. Read the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin (1/6) – IN PROGRESS
Technically I read the first book last year, but the rest of the series will be read this year to complete this challenge.

7. Watch 52 films in 52 weeks (3/52) – IN PROGRESS
Watched: Killing Them Softly
Watched: Rise of the Guardians
Watched: Lincoln

27. Lose 14 lbs (2.25/14) – IN PROGRESS

I started eating more healthily this week, after the excesses of Xmas and New Year. Basically, I cut out ALL the crap (including my beloved chocolate), drink way more water, and am working on being a little more active again. I still tire a little more easily than usual after the glandular fever,but I’m getting back on track now!

36. Do not eat chocolate at all for 4 weeks straight (1/4) – IN PROGRESS

I thought it best to kick off the new year by really jumping right into the healthy eating and not having any chocolate at all in January (which will mean it’s slightly longer than four weeks). It’s been a tough week as I am completely addicted to the stuff, but I gave it up for Lent last year, so I know I can do this!

37. Try one food I’ve never tasted before every month (1/12) – IN PROGRESS
Food tried: Avocado

38. Eat only vegetarian meals one day every week (1/52) – IN PROGRESS
Vegetarian day: Thursday
I can confirm that on Thursday 3rd January, I ate no meat or fish at all. Eggs and cheese, yes (after all, I said vegetarian, not vegan!), but no meat or fish. I think part of the challenge will be a breeze as I like quite a lot of vegetarian meals – it will be more a case of consciously making the decision to eat vegetarian all day once a week!

45. Save all £2 coins for 52 weeks (1/52) – IN PROGRESS
Total saved: £12.00

46. Save all 1p/2p/5p coins for 52 weeks (1/52) – IN PROGRESS
Total 5p pieces saved: £0.35
All coppers have gone directly into Tadpole’s piggy bank.

47. Put aside £10 for every challenge completed (£20/£520) – IN PROGRESS
Two challenges completed already, so £20 has made it into the pot!

50. Self portrait picture every week (1/52) – IN PROGRESS
This part of the challenge is more about me getting over my fear of the camera than anything else. I absolutely hate having my photograph taken, but Hubby says he thinks my reluctance to have my image being captured may be rubbing off on Tadpole, so I’m making a concerted effort not to shy away from the camera quite so much. If I can get used to seeing myself in photographs, then maybe I won’t be so ready to bolt when people try to snap me!

01. Week 1 - 03.01.12
Self portrait
week 1 – 03.01.12

51. Post a weekly update of my progress on my blog (1/52) – IN PROGRESS
Well, you’re reading it now! A pretty good start to the year and to my list of challenges, I’d say!

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