A-Z Challenge: I is for Inara Serra

Inara Serra
Beautiful Companion

Things are a little different in the future. It’s almost like we’ve stepped back in time in terms of clothing – it’s more Wild, Wild West than 2001: A Space Odyssey – but when it comes to the roles women play, things have moved forward a fair bit. Not only can women be soldiers and play a combat role equal to that of men (we’re kind of getting there now ourselves!), but they have gained control of and completely regulated the sex industry.

This has empowered the women to such an extent that the higher-end concubines are not only well-respected, but often play an ambassadorial role. In short, if you have a fully trained and licensed Companion on board, it opens a lot of doors that would remain closed or would immediately slam in your face if you were without them.

The on-board Companion in question is the beautiful, elegant and highly intelligent Inara Serra. Always immaculately presented, she takes her profession deadly seriously and is a stickler for protocol. That said, she’s a very empathetic and compassionate person, as well as being very passionate. It’s such a shame she has to hide her feelings for a certain member of the crew – it wouldn’t do to upset the delicate balance of emotions and stations on board a small vessel.

Inara (expertly played by Morena Baccarin) has her own private capsule which can detach from the main body of the ship, so that she can travel independently to various engagements. She is often insulted by the Captain (who is very obviously attracted to her and uses this to hide his feelings), but she can hold her own in an argument, and although she’s a very calming and peaceful person, she is extremely resourceful and brave, and always comes through when it counts. She isn’t one to shy away from any situation just because things get tough!

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