A-Z Challenge: H is for Hands of blue

hands of blue
Guaranteed to creep you out entirely
next time your doctor puts on a blue glove!

These are the guys the bad guys hire when they’re being extra bad. The Blue Sun corporation sends in the Blue Gloves to track down a very special passenger who just happens to be on board our favourite Firefly-class spaceship, and these guys ain’t nice. So frightened is our escapee that she regularly chants “Two by two, hands of blue” in a semi-catatonic state. They’re that creepy.

The cerulean-gloved pair in question are portrayed by Dennis Cockrum and Jeff Ricketts, and, like the Terminator, they absolutely will not stop until everyone who has been in contact with their target is dead. Oh, and they want her back too, at any cost. The fact that she’d probably have a complete mental breakdown and slip into a vegetative state out of sheer terror is beside the point – they always get the one they’re after.

That is unless the crew can step up and protect her.

But is she really as helpless as she seems?


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