New year, new beginnings, new challenges

If you’ve been following this blog at all, you’ll know I have set myself a challenge of completing 52 things in 52 weeks (you can see the list HERE). Some items on the list will be easier to complete than others, and some will require a fair amount of effort. Some will take no time at all, and others will take all year to complete.

There will be quite a few “long-running” items, such as watching 52 films and reading 52 books. Others are tests of willpower, such as not buying any books this year and instead only reading those I already have, those I am given, or those I borrow (whether from others or from the library); or not eating any chocolate or drinking any alcohol for an entire month; or training to run 5km and dropping 14lbs (that’s a whole stone – although I hope I’ll shed more than that!).

There are some that will require no effort at all, such as saving my change (all coppers will go directly into Tadpole’s piggy bank, 5p pieces will all go towards the Xmas food shopping budget – you’d be amazed how they can mount up! – whereas all the £2 coins and £10 per completed challenge will go towards the Xmas gifts and family fun days fund); and some that will require me to really push my boundaries, such as getting over my fear of needles enough to donate a pint of blood – something I’ve always wanted to do but have been too chicken to actually go through with it (much to my eternal shame!).

I hope you’ll all join me as I try to put a big tick next to each challenge and complete them by the end of 2013. Perhaps you’ll even create a list of your own.

Either way, I hope you will all have a very happy and prosperous year filled with wonderful surprises and joyous occasions!


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