Stitch to remember

Most people in the UK will know that on 11th November, we take a moment to remember those who have fallen in battle; those brave men and women who have fought on our behalf so that we can remain free and relatively safe. They risked their lives and lost them so that we wouldn’t have to. On that day we wear poppies, the flowers that filled the fields at Flanders after so many died there, to show that we remember their sacrifice.

Especially for my stitching friends, I have designed a small sampler to commemorate our fallen heroes. I would love it if others stitched a small piece, whether to display, to donate to a raffle, or to sell for a veterans’ charity.

Get the FREE chart for The Fallen from my Kincavel Krosses blog HERE.

You will also find last year’s FREE poppy chart, In Remembrance, HERE.