No Meat March – One Week In

No Meat March 2016
No Meat March 2016

So, today marks a week of eating exclusively vegetarian meals. Not one morsel of meat has passed my lips in the past seven days, and for the most part, I’m enjoying it. I’ve tried out a couple of new recipes and enjoyed them immensely.

I am, however, discovering that vegetarians can’t take things for granted. A few days into the challenge, I discovered that Mullerlight yoghurts have gelatin in them – I was totally gutted! I mean, who would have thought yoghurt wasn’t necessarily vegetarian? I had to start checking the ingredients of pretty much everything I ate, just to be sure! I even found myself being paranoid about peanut butter and jam and bread – I mean, if yoghurt isn’t automatically vegetarian, what other seemingly innocent products secretly contain animal products?

Another major challenge for me has been avoiding the unthinking moments, such as when I’m making sandwiches for the rest of the family, and would usually pop a stray bit of ham in my mouth – I almost did that the other day, and caught myself just in time! Speaking of ham, our pack went a lot further this week without me eating any of it!

This week we decided to forgo the traditional Sunday roast, and had bolognese instead (it was easy to make mine vegetarian), but I shall be looking for a low-syn alternative to a Sunday roast for future weekends – somehow the idea of eating a Quorn fillet while everyone else has roast chicken or beef doesn’t quite appeal to me, and all the nut roasts I’ve seen (which I would rather like) appear to be very high in syns – not great when I’m following the Slimming World programme and would be the only one who would eat it (I don’t fancy eating nut roast every night for a week just to use it all up!).

It’s definitely affecting my choices, and even if I don’t go vegetarian permanently, I’ll be consuming far less meat than I used to, and I will certainly take part in No Meat March again next year.

asian-420x258I may, however, just decide to go the whole hog and go vegetarian after this. I’ve already proven to myself that vegetarian choices can be just as tasty and satisfying as non-vegetarian dishes, even if it does take a lot more conscious effort to avoid things like gelatin, that lurk in the ingredients lists of the most innocuous products!

I’ll be interested to see if my weight loss efforts have been affected by the change in my diet too…

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