World Book Night 2016

wbn 2016It’s official – I’ve received my email notification that I will be a giver on World Book Night again this year, and I’m totally stoked, because the book I’ll be giving out is my first choice – Band Of Brothers by Stephen E Ambrose. It’s a non-fiction book about the E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne, about whom the TV show of the same name was made. This one’s particularly special to me, because I know someone who was in the show (and it’s one of my favourite shows ever!).- Robin Laing who plays Babe Heffron was in my class when I studied drama at college. I also have a fascination for all things WWII, and I often sing wartime classics at local WWII re-enactments.

This will be the fifth year in a row that I have given books on World Book Night. Books I’ve given in previous years are:

  • 2012: The Damned United by David Peace
  • 2013: The Dark Judges by John Wagner and others (graphic novel)
  • 2014: Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith
  • 2015: Skellig by David Almond

BOBEach year, I’ve been fortunate enough to get my first choice book. I think in the main it’s because I’ve had a slightly unusual audience for distribution. I think most givers tend to be female and give the books to other women, whereas I worked in a bookies for several years, and so chose books that would be more likely to appeal to my customers, the majority of whom were men. Then last year, I gave them to parents in my kids’ school yard, so I chose a book that they could share with their children.

This year, though, it’s purely down to personal choice. I don’t often read non-fiction books, but the heroics of Easy Company were so epic that I felt compelled to read the book on which the show was based, and this was my chance. I’m glad it paid off!

I shall look forward to reading it myself and passing on all sixteen of my copies to others for their enjoyment.

I love World Book Night!


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