Pocket Letters…

I’ve always loved sending and receiving letters from pen pals. I’ve also always loved crafting with various media. When I recently heard about a way of combining the two, I was suddenly very excited!

This wonderful new thing I’ve discovered is called Pocket Letters.

The basic idea is that you use one of those clear plastic sheets you use to store trading cards, and in each of the pockets, you pop a little something to send to your recipient.

I’m not great at paper crafts, but I’d like to get better Some of the pocket letters I’ve seen are spectacular, and I’m aware that my debut attempt falls far short of that, but I hope the person who receives it will enjoy it anyway – I know she’s new to Pocket Letters too.

In mine, I’m sending:

  1. Some of my favourite tea.
  2. Some of my favourite chocolate
  3. A little bookmark I stitched on perforated paper.
  4. One of my favourite recipes.
  5. A little letter.
  6. A little bit about myself
  7. A couple of vouchers for a free treat box from Graze, held together by a decorative paperclip I made.
  8. Some bookplates and stickers.
  9. A game of “Mail Tag”, where I set a question (in this case, what are your top three favourite movies of all time?) and give my answer on the reverse.

I had a lovely time putting it all together, then I folded it over and secured it by folding a paper doily over it and tying a ribbon in a bow. I later stuck a little paper origami heart I’d folded under the ribbon too, but I forgot to take a picture with that included before I popped the whole thing into the envelope and sealed it.

I look forward to sending and receiving many of these Pocket Letters in the future, and also to improving my own abilities to make them look pretty. In the meantime, I’ll leave you all with these pictures of the one I’m sending out next week when I can get to the post office.

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If you’d like to find out more
about Pocket Letters,
visit the official website HERE.


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