52 Things – Update

52 things in 52 weeksI’ll probably not do a monthly update on my 52 Things In 52 Weeks Challenge, but from time to time, I’ll post my progress on my list of challenges for the year.

Here we are at the end of January, and I have completed eight out of my 52 challenges:

2. Watch 5 films nominated for awards in the 88th Academy Awards
8. Apply to be a giver for World Book Night – waiting to hear if I’ve been selected this year – I hope I have!
9. Drink no alcohol for 4 weeks – easy, as I’m not a big drinker anyway
10. Eat no chocolate for 4 weeks  – difficult, as I’m a chocoholic!
18. Go to bed before midnight every night for a week – I’ve done this most nights in January!
22. Start a bullet journal – I don’t know how I managed before I started bullet journalling – it makes it so much easier to keep track of things!
34. Make a family photo book/album of last year’s (2015) pictures – and it’s gorgeous!
46. Donate a pint of blood – and I’m super proud about it – I’m even booked in to donate again in June!

I have quite a few ongoing ones doing well too:

1. Watch 52 films in 52 weeks (11 / 52)
5. Read 52 books in 52 weeks (4 / 52)
6. Do not buy any books for myself for a year, and read only books I already have, or have been given, or have borrowed from the library or others (4 / 52) – very proud of this, as it’s always tempting when I see books being sold cheaply!
7. Complete the Carole Matthews Challenge (1/30) – and in the middle of reading two more concurrently
17. Lose 14lbs (4 / 14) – on track for a steady rate of a pound per week
24. Save £1 for each day of the year (£39 / £366) – slightly ahead of the game here
25. Save £2 for each week of the year (£18 / £104) – and ahead of the game here to!
26. Save £5 for each month of the year (£5 / £60) – bang on track with this one
27. Split all my coppers between Tadpole’s and Choochie’s piggy banks each month (1/12)
28. Save all £2 coins into the Xmas fund each month (1/12)
29. Save all silver up to the value of 20p into the Xmas fund each month (1/12)
30. Put aside £1 for each challenge completed into Xmas fund (£8/£52)
35. Take the kids to the library once a month (1 / 12) – We’ve actually been twice in January!
38. Not shout at my kids for the whole year (31 / 366) – I’m REALLY proud of this one!
43. Share a photo of my kids and me each month (1 / 12)
47. Make a “Sky Blanket” – click to be taken to the page for this, which has links for all the updates
49. Make five gifts /Xmas decorations (3 / 5) – my best friend is having a baby soon, and I’ve been making things for her soon to be born son, as well as for craft exchanges
50. Release twelve new cross stitch charts (posted on Kincavel Krosses (2 / 12)

So, yeah, I’m happy with my progress, and hoping to complete all of them this year, although I haven’t yet managed to squeeze in an Analogue Day (#51), I may manage to have two in a subsequent month to make up for that.


One thought on “52 Things – Update

  1. Till now have read many blogs but never posted any comments. This one is my first comment ever to any blog. What made me do this is your 52 things , I might have tried 50 things from last 2 – 3 years. and I am already in love with your Sky blanket ..

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