The “other” yo-yo blankets – plural!

You already know I’m making a Sky Blanket with two yo-yos for every day, right? And you already know I’m using up all my little odds and ends of yarn to make a blanket to auction to raise funds for my eldest son’s school? Well, there’s been a little change of plan…

I was just going to make a random, riot-of-colour blanket, and I had already joined four rows, but I just didn’t like how it was looking this time round. So I’ve decided to separate out the colours into groups to make themed blankets.

The result is that I’m now going to be making not one, not two, but three blankets – not including the Sky Blanket!

The first will be “Autumn Forest” all in shades of green, gold, orange, and russet. The second will be “Pretty As A Princess” using all the prettiest shades of pink, purple, and peach. And the third will be “Under the Sea” using shades of blue, turquoise, aqua, and grey.

The Under the Sea blanket will be the last completed, as I’ll probably be using a lot of leftover yarn from the Sky Blanket. I may transfer the sparkly green yo-yos from the Autumn Forest collection to the Under the Sea collection – I have plenty of time to decide though, so I’ll play around with it a little bit more before making the final decision.

Looking at the collections of colours, I’m a lot happier, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the projects a lot more if I like the colour schemes.


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