At last! Snow!

Tadpole and Choochie in the snow A bit of snow had just gone down Tadpole’s neck as I snapped this photo!

After two years, and this being our third winter being back in Northumberland, we finally got snow this morning! Understandably, the kids were mega excited. Tadpole has really missed the snow since we left Scotland (so have I, if I’m honest!), and Choochie is too young to remember seeing it when we visited Scotland last Easter, so this was his first proper experience of it.

Actually, Choochie was pretty hilarious about it. Tadpole laughed and cheered all the way to school, but this was Choochie’s reaction:

Choochie: I like the snow.
Me: That’s nice – I ‘m glad you do.
Choochie: No, I don’t like snow!
Me: You DON’T like the snow? Oh, OK.
Choochie: Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhhh!
Me: What’s up?
Choochie: I DO like the snow! I DO like it!
Me: OK, you don’t have to scream about it – it was YOU who said you didn’t like it!
Choochie: Aaaaaaarrrggghh! I DO like the snow! I DO!
Me: OK.
Choochie: (very quiet, sullen voice) I don’t like the snow.

I’ve already enough of the nasty, wet, slushy snow now. Can we please have the pretty, white, powdery kind instead? You know, like, PROPER snow?

Walking to school with the boys, Josh managed to splash slush all over my feet and up my legs. I couldn’t see for melting snow on my glasses, so when we got to school, we went to the bench under the shelter, so I could sit down and clean my glasses, but the snow had blown in and soaked the bench too, so my butt got drenched as well. Trudged home again. Had to get Choochie’s trousers changed, as they were soaked (he was wearing wellies, at least, so his feet were dry. Had to get myself changed right down to my undies coz I was soaked through.

Feeling cold and miserable. Trying to get warmed up with a hot Ribena and a big blanket, and chucking some paracetamol down my throat for the foggy-headache I have from this damned cold. Talk about timing, eh?!

OK, moan over now. Gotta crack on with things.

Hey, at least I get to crack open the sparkly white yarn for my Sky Blanket today!


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