There’s a Star Man, waiting in the sky…

David Bowie. 1947 – 2016

This morning we woke to the sad news of David Bowie’s death, after an 18-month battle with cancer that he’d fought privately, and without alerting the media, which meant that, despite not performing live for several years, it came as something of a shock. Just days after his 69th birthday, and also the release of his latest album, we have lost one of the greatest stars in modern music history – a man who successfully reinvented himself over and over again, and whose music is still relevant and fresh today, despite his career spanning an amazing six decades!

I’ve been a big fan for as long as I can remember, and Tadpole has always particularly liked his music – when he was two years old, I took him to a local story and music time session at the local library, While everyone else was singing, “Wind the bobbin up,” he stood up, stamped his little foot, and declared, “No! I don’t like this song! I want proper music! I want David Bowie!” It was one of my proudest moments ever!

Bearing that in mind, I knew he would be as saddened as I am to hear the news. I told him shortly after he got up this morning. This was the conversation we had:

Me: Darling, I’ve heard some sad news this morning. David Bowie has died.
Tadpole: Oh no! That’s so sad! Was it cancer?
Me: Yes, sweetie. He’d been ill for quite a while.
Tadpole: It’s always cancer. I hate it! I just wish cancer wasn’t real!
Me: Yes, so do I, darling.
Tadpole: We’re running out of singers. There’ll be no good music left at this rate!

Bearing in mind that Tadpole is only seven years old, I thought he showed a startling grasp of the tragedy of Bowie’s death, his illness, and also his loss to the music world, all in one fell swoop.

Farewell, Major Tom, Ziggy Star Dust, and my favourite, The Goblin King. You will be sorely missed, but your legacy will continue to delight generations of music lovers forever.


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