The “other” yo-yo blanket

My project bag of multi-coloured yo-yos for the blanket to auction

In addition to my Sky Blanket (for which I am making two yo-yos each day based on the colour of the sky in the morning and afternoon), I am making another, multi-coloured yo-yo blanket, to use up all my little odds and ends of yarn from other projects. When it is completed, the blanket will be donated to Tadpole’s school to auction off at their next fundraising drive (last year they had a couple of granny square blankets and I thought to myself, “Hey, I could easily make something to donate next time!”).

This one isn’t limited to two yo-yos each day. Instead, whenever I get a few minutes, I crochet a few yo-yos, then pop them in the bag and set it aside till I have a few more minutes.

It’s a great take-along project, because even the smallest handbag has enough room for a couple of little balls of yarn and a 4mm hook, and I can do the weaving in when I get home if I forget to take a needle along. Really, some of the yarn balls are of only a few yards of yarn – enough for one or two yo-yos at a push, so this project really will use up the smallest of oddments, giving the largest range of colours throughout the blanket.

In case anyone is interested in making one as well, here is how you make the yo-yos:

R1. Chain 4, and join with a slip stitch to form a ring
R2. Chain 3 (first double crochet), and work 15 double crochets into the ring, then join with a slip stitch and fasten off (16 stitches)

When I get to joining them, I’ll post how to do that too, so you can join your yo-yos.

This is a lovely project to do with the kids too – you can easily teach them how to make the yo-yos and then when you put them all together, it will have been made by all the family together.


5 thoughts on “The “other” yo-yo blanket

  1. Can’t wait to see how to join yo yos..I am not a very skilled crocheting woman yet and these are quick (for my attention span) and fun as well…just dont want to fail putting them together neatly!! I love your creativity! 🙂

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