On aging – gracefully or disgracefully

1934703_1010314445694382_2459243646697941030_nAnd this is why Carrie Fisher is still one of my heroes!

Nobody stays the same forever – we age, the bloom of youth deserts us, and unless we’re blessed with fantastic genes, a total dislike of any food other than salad, and a bank account that stretches to rejuvenating surgeries, we spread and sag a bit in places.

Nobody has a go at Harrison Ford for getting older and a bit more portly than he was when Han Solo shot first – he’s been allowed to get old and craggy – so why can’t Carrie and every other woman?

We are not meant to look 25 forever – our lives should be written across our faces and bodies for the world to wonder and marvel at, and think “Hey, that person must have some great stories to tell!”

I applaud our Princess Leia for standing up and saying it! And if I look as good as her when I’m her age, I’ll be a happy woman!

And on a side note, I’m totally with her on the chocolate salad thing.


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