Sky Blanket Preparation Part 3

So, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how I want to go about making my Sky Blanket. I hit on a lovely idea where I’d do circles within squares, where the inner part of the circle would be the colour of the sky in the morning, the outer part of the circle would be the colour of the sky in the afternoon, and then I would turn it into a square using white yarn, and join the squares in white too. Something that looks a little like this:

UntitledNow, I like how the square looks, but the problem comes from the size of it. Each blcok would measure around 4.5 inches square. As there would be 364 of them arranged in 28 columns of 13 squares, the blanket would measure at least 126 x 58.5 inches (roughly 10.5 feet by 5 feet!), and that’s just way too big!

So, it’s back to the drawing board. I think I’ll just go back to the original plan of a yo-yo blanket, with two circles for each day (one for morning, one for afternoon) in 28 rows of 26 yo-yos, joined with white yarn. I made a yo-yo blanket previously, which had 20 columns of 15 yo-yos, and it was about right for a single bed when it was finished, but I think I’d make a much wider border on this one to make it larger.

I can hardly wait to start making this blanket! I almost decided to start at the Winter Solstice, just so I could start sooner, but managed to convince myself it would be wiser to get all the festivities out of the way first, or I’d risk falling behind before I was even a few days into the project. And anyway, I really want to start my blanket with the yarn I got to represent fireworks to herald the start of the New Year!


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