Spoiled rotten!

I take part in several craft exchanges throughout the year – I love choosing and making gifts to send my recipients every bit as much as I do receiving them, but sometimes, just sometimes, I get absolutely blown away by the generosity and thoughtfulness of the people who go above and beyond when it comes to putting together the perfect gift.

Today is such a day.

No sooner had I received notification that my gift was winging its way to me, than the postman knocked on my door and handed over a box with my name and address on it. I eagerly ripped off the tape and opened it to see what was inside.

It was almost bursting at the seams with goodies!

  1. Two little bottles, filled with cinnamon whisky and vanilla whisky, to warm my cockles on the cold, dreary winter nights.
  2. A stunning hardback notebook with magnetic fastening, just begging to be filled with magical musings.
  3. A pretty little Chinese silk box, filled to the brim with painted wood bookmarks – I read multiple books at once, so it’s always handy to have loads of bookmarks to hand!
  4. A selection of tea and hot chocolate – I adore Twinings tea, and who doesn’t love hot chocolate, I ask you?
  5. A stunning wee teacup and saucer to enjoy my teas and hot chocolates, and two elegant linen napkins to dab the corners of my mouth.
  6. Not one, but TWO embroidery blanks with these quirky little Day of the Dead motifs in the corner. How adorable!
  7. Two leather bookmarks – I collect leather bookmarks, so to receive TWO such special ones is a wonderful surprise – they are spectacular!
  8. Two beautiful cloths that are super-soft and such pretty colours – they remind me of Scottish heather.
  9. A beautiful notecard set with book designs! Couldn’t be more perfect for me if they’d been specifically designed with me in mind!
  10. And a lovely letter too – isn’t the paper just to die for?!

12244765_10156179035955386_847679543678699892_oI swear, I am like a kid in a toy shop right now – I can’t stop touching and playing with all my lovely gifts! Everything is absolutely perfect – I cannot believe this bounty comes to me from someone who has never met me, because it’s like she knows me inside out!

And right now, I’m enjoying a cup of peppermint and nettle tea in my pretty new cup. Cheers!



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