Halloween is coming!

Halloween is comingIt’s just over two weeks to Halloween – is anyone else as excited as I am?

I ADORE Halloween – every year I look forward to getting into the spooky spirit. Unfortunately, I’m married to someone who doesn’t really “get” Halloween, so I have to tone things down a little.

This year, however, BOTH our boys are old enough to be taken trick-or-treating, so Hubby will be taking Tadpole and Choochie out in their costumes (Tadpole has chosen a scary surgeon costume, Choochie will be a pumpkin) while I stay home and dole out the treats to the tricksters who come to the door.

And, yes, I’ll be getting dressed up! Of course I will! This is ME we’re talking about here! I’ll be getting dolled up as the Bride of Frankenstein (I’ve just been colouring in wooden “bolts” silver to stick to my neck with eyelash glue).

I’ve already gathered all manner of treats – of course there are sweeties, but there will also be some fruit and lots of little toys too (think the kind of stuff you get in party bags – crayons, plastic animals, novelty erasers, bouncy balls that look like eyeballs etc), as a lot of kids around our way have food allergies and we know of at least one kid with diabetes and we wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out.

I’ve also prepared a load of “dares” which will be printed on slips of paper. Kids can take one treat from the bowl, or they can do a dare and take two treats for their troubles. It’s all stuff like sing a nursery rhyme, tell a joke, pull a funny face, etc, so lots of funny little things for them to do and have a giggle.

And I can hardly wait to carve our pumpkin! Last year we couldn’t get hold of a pumpkin, so we carved a large watermelon instead and it looked awesome – all dark green and glowing pink inside! I liked it so much, I might do that again this year regardless! And I have some stickers to put up in the window that look like spiders and bats. I might also get some crime scene tape to put up as we have scaffolding around our house right now (the facade is being re-rendered), so that would look pretty cool!

Is anyone else doing anything for Halloween? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who goes a bit loopy at this time of the year!

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