When work outs don’t work out

cddotiSo, I thought I’d put Choochie down for his nap, then do the Camilla Dallerup Dance Off the Inches DVD (which is an hour long). Except Choochie refused point blank to go down for his nap. Not one to be put off, I decided to put on the DVD and dance around my 22 month old toddler.

But he’s hit a clingy phase, and screamed the whole time unless I was holding him.

The upshot is, I’ve only done half the DVD, but I’ve done it while carrying the extra weight of a small child in my arms. I am now sweating like a beast and running a bath. Of course, now I’ve switched off the DVD, he’s quiet, but you can bet that if I put the DVD back on, he’d be screaming to be held – cheeky little beggar!

Ah well, at least I got in a semi-decent work out and worked up a good, hard sweat!

10.07.15 - Asda pocket tap
Butter wouldn’t melt!

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