Sports Day

Today is sports day at Tadpole’s school, and this year we were actually allowed to come along and cheer our kids on (unlike last year, when they dubbed it “school games day” and wouldn’t let us in to watch – there must have been loads of complaints to make them change their minds this year!). We weren’t allowed to take photographs or shoot video (school policy), but we were there to watch our kids having a fun time.

Yesterday, the kids all came home from school with a letter which included this information:

Yesterday's letterAs we left, a couple of Mums were grumbling, saying that it was ridiculous that we were given this information the night before, and what if the kids didn’t already have a T-shirt in their house colours? Were the parents expected to go out tonight to buy one? We should have had at least a week of notice!

I pointed out that the information was in the newsletter we were given nearly three weeks ago. Here’s what it said:

Last month's newsletter

This is the response I got:

“Oh, I never read those things! Nobody ever reads those things!”

Well, call me “Nobody”, but I always read those newsletters. They are only two sheets of A4, printed on both sides – it takes all of maybe five minutes to read, and it contains pertinent information such as school holidays, teacher training and in-service days, forthcoming trips and events, and things like sending your kids to school wearing their house colours on sports day.

If you’re not going to read the information your kids’ school sends you, don’t complain when they remind you of the information you already have the night before a big event in your child’s life!

Right, now I’m off to take Tadpole to school and cheer him on in his races!

10.07.15 - Sports Day 1
All ready to compete – wearing a T-shirt in his house colour, which is blue!

Edited to add: Tadpole came away with a second place in the running race (against the fastest kid in his key stage – and it was a close race!), and third place in the sack race (he fell over – LOL!). Everyone had a whale of a time – the kids were all beaming! Well done to all the kids. 🙂


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