Stormy weather

We’ve had scorchio weather lately, but yesterday afternoon, around 3.45pm, the weather broke, and we were treated to the most spectacular lightning show while thunder rumbled loudly all around. It continued, off and on, till the wee small hours – it was still raging after 2am when I finally managed to drag myself away from the window where I had been mesmerized by the frequency of flashes (every few seconds, the sky lit up!).

Today was baking hot again, and like a flower, I tend to wilt in the heat, but the stormy weather last night had brought out all manner of little creatures – the lawn was wriggling with worms, and we found a very large frog who hopped off to hide behind the shed before I could get a photograph of him (he was very cute though!), so after finding the newt last week too, our garden is becoming quite the little wildlife sanctuary!

Here’s a little video I shot capturing the beginning of the storm yesterday afternoon. We were all standing in the back garden, gazing at the sky, unable to tear our eyes away! I’m so pleased neither Tadpole or Choochie are scared by storms – they seem to love them as much as Hubby and I do!


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