Let the music play!

Blyth has loads of free events all year round. Today there was a live music festival down at the beach, so I took the boys down to see the bands play, and have a little fun. We packed a nice little picnic for us all, and headed down to the beach.

We had a fabulous time – the boys both had a go on a couple of rides that had been put on for the kids (I tell you what, those people know how to make money – it costs a fortune to have a go on a bouncy castle or a teacup ride these days!) – and the atmosphere was great. We didn’t stay all day, but we did stay long enough to hear Driven Serious play (they’re a folk punk band from the north east who wear pirate costumes and are seriously awesome!).

We met some minions and some very friendly pirates (not Driven Serious – these were different guys dressed as pirates), who were definitely not looking for their lost treasure and definitely not stealing anything, honest guv!

The sun was shining and it was scorchio – perfect weather to be out of doors and having fun!


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