It’s Tooth Fairy Time!

25.06.15 - First wobbly tooth out!
One tiny, but perfect, white tooth, ready for the Tooth Fairy! (And one slightly gappy smile from Tadpole!)

Tonight I get to play the Tooth Fairy for the first time – as, after many weeks of tentative, and then more robust, wiggling, Tadpole’s first wobbly tooth finally came out this morning!

He’s chuffed to bits that his tooth has finally come out – I think it makes him feel very grown up (and rightly so – it won’t be long now before his new, big teeth start coming through!).

So we’ve popped the tiny tooth in the special Tooth Fairy box (a lovely little hinged wooden box with “Tooth Fairy” etched into the lid – makes finding the tooth under the pillow a whole lot easier!), ready for Tadpole to put under his pillow tonight.

He may be some time going to sleep tonight, but I doubt we’ll have much trouble getting him to actually go up to bed – he’s super-excited to see how much money the Tooth Fairy will leave him for his very special first tooth!


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