When the boat comes in…

Today was rather exciting, because this afternoon, Blyth got its very own tall ship. Next year we’ll be hosting a full-on tall ships festival, and between now and then, our town will be working on our own tall ship to take part in the festivities.

So, in true Blyth style, there was rather a shindig thrown in honour of its arrival – it sailed serenely up River Blyth into the harbour, accompanied by forty or fifty yachts, boats, and canoes, to much cheering and waving from the crowds standing on the quayside.

On top of that, there was live music performed by some very talented local artists, a craft market, and a fun fair. I took Tadpole and Choochie along to enjoy the warm, sunny weather, and we made rather a day of it, taking a picnic lunch along with us.

We were lucky enough to get a really good spot right at the front where we could watch the tall ship arriving along with all the accompanying boats, and take lots of photos to show Hubby, who was at work (he actually saw the ship sailing towards Blyth while he was on the road and sent me a heads-up text!).

The boys had fun at the carnival, with Tadpole trying out his first, albeit small, roller coaster, and Choochie having his first try on a merry-go-round.

It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to the big festival next summer!

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