A-Z of my favourite words – in closing

words1So. that was the A-Z of some of my favourite words. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, and perhaps learned a few new words, or even discovered that words you already knew meant something completely different to what you thought. Judging by some of the comments I’ve had over the course of the month, there have been a few eye-openers here and there.

I’ve truly enjoyed delving into the dictionary – and yes, I actually did go through an entire dictionary to choose my words! Most were words I already knew and loved, but some of the letters were more tricky to think of something off the top of my head, or perhaps I had one word ready, but not a second word – for each letter I leafed through the small dictionary sitting on my sons’ bookshelf (because my larger one seems to have disappeared – one thing I have learned is that I need a new dictionary of my own!). I certainly feel a little smarter for having gone through that little book, making note of different words to use, along with their pronunciation and meanings. I also made heavy use of Dictionary.com (which is a wonderful resource, complete with a thesaurus).

Thank you to everyone who visited my little blog during the course of the challenge – I hope you’ll stick around and subscribe by clicking on the handy little button on the right, up at the top, just under where it tells you how many visitors have been here. I do hope you’ll decide to stay, or I’ll miss you all, now that it’s all over!

Did you have a favourite word I used? Or did I miss out your favourites? Either way, I’d love to know (and you can check out the full list of words I used HERE, so check if you missed any!), so leave a comment below.

See you all again for the challenge next April!

One thought on “A-Z of my favourite words – in closing

  1. I use Chambers Dictionary for my word hunting needs, since it’s built for word lovers. 🙂 But congrats on finishing the challenge!

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