Happy Day!

10% offAfter my wistful and melancholy post a week ago, about the benefit of hindsight in regards to how I view myself, I am pleased to announce I am now well on my way to being far happier in my skin at whatever stage I am currently at.

As of today, I have shed 10% of my body weight (and an extra half pound on top of that!) from the beginning of the year, having dropped 4.5 lbs this week, and I can finally see little differences in my body which are making me smile. For example, when I went to my aquafit class on Sunday, my swimming costume was a lot easier to get on that it has been, and although I hadn’t been to the gym in three weeks due to being away and then being ill, when I went back last week, although I didn’t push it quite as hard as I usually do (I didn’t want to do myself an injury first day back!), and although I still worked up a good, healthy sweat, it wasn’t as hard as it was when I started going back in February, and I can see myself upping the resistance on my cardio within the next few weeks, just to keep things a little challenging.

I now have a good healthy eating plan in place, and have set myself a weekly activities plan as follows.

Each week I will:

  • Walk as much as possible (I walk every day anyway, but it’s a good thing to keep up)
  • Have at least one, preferably two gym sessions (cardio and weights)
  • Go to my dance class
  • Go to my aquafit class
  • Try to go swimming once (this will not necessarily be possible every week, but I will certainly try to fit it into my increasingly busy schedule!)

If I can do all that each week, I think my fitness levels will increase significantly – my stamina is already a lot better than it was two months ago – and will certainly help me hit my goal. Putting these activities into my calendar like appointments will certainly help me keep them!

With my new plan in place, I feel newly motivated, and I have extra support from friends, both in person and online, to help me get there too.

Today is a good day!


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