Platinum Boobies Award

Platinum BoobiesAnyone who knows me even a little knows that I am a big supporter of breastfeeding. Well, yesterday, Choochie and I hit another milestone – he turned 18 months old, and that marks 18 months of breastfeeding him! Although he now only feeds a few times a day (early hours of the morning – usually some time after 4.30am – around lunchtime, and before bed), he is still a bit of a boob monster, and at the moment is showing no signs of completely weaning.

Anyway, here’s to our reaching this milestone – it’s a little longer than Tadpole went, as he weaned himself of his own accord at just shy of 15 months (although I had enough expressed milk in the freezer to last him to just past the 18 months mark too!), and as he’s my last baby, I’m relishing every last moment of this part of our relationship. I know it won’t last forever, but this is the last time I’ll do this, and I’m happy enough for him to continue for some time yet. He’ll stop when he’s good and ready, and that’s fine by me.

31.01.15 - 1
Sleepy Choochie getting ready to go to sleep. Sweet dreams, baby boy!


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