Scarf from the heart

A while back I signed up to take part in a “Scarf from the heart” craft exchange, which was being hosted by the Outlander penpal group on Facebook. We were all allocated partners randomly, so we wouldn’t necessarily be sending a gift to the person who was sending one to us. I duly crocheted a scarf and sent it off to my partner (I did have a photo of it, but I can’t find it anywhere just now! If I find it, I’ll add it retrospectively). It took a long time to reach its destination, but it did eventually get there and all was well.

I waited and waited, but the parcel sent to me never arrived. Eventually, the person sending to me got in touch and said she was tracking the package and it had only just left Canada. It then took forever to reach British shores, only to be snaffled by Customs. And there it stayed, for quite some time. It seemed it might never reach me, and that made both me and my sender sad.


Scarf from the heart
Check that cheesy grin on my face – it’s gonna be there all day!!!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally arrived! The postman just knocked at my door with a parcel and I nearly knocked him down in my excitement because my scarf from the heart gift is here with me!!!


The most gorgeous cozy cowl and gauntlets in a colour that goes beautifully with my hair – I love, love, LOVE autumnal shades! And then there’s the paperback copy of Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon (AKA Outlander), because I only have the books on Kindle – there’s nothing like feeling a real book in your hands and smelling that lovely book smell! And a gorgeous photo of Weller House Inn, Fort Bragg, California – just the kind of place I imagine Jocasta living (I’m up to The Fiery Cross – the fifth book in the series – just now).

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Lynn – you couldn’t have made me happier than I am at this very moment in time – and you will be receiving a letter from me very shortly for sure!!!



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