Spring equinox and a “solar ecliption”

Today is the spring or vernal equinox – a time when day and night are of equal length. It’s also the day we in the UK were treated to an almost total solar eclipse, an “ecliption” as Tadpole insisted on calling it, what are the odds, eh?

It was a bit too cloudy to get a good view of the eclipse in our little town, but I did manage to get a few half-decent photographs of it. Don’t worry – I didn’t look at the eclipse – I pointed my phone in the general direction and clicked, hoping for the best. I got lucky with a couple of shots, which you can see below. A few minutes after the zenith, there was a break in the clouds for a minute or so, so I got out my home-made pinhole viewer and watched with that, till the eclipse itself was eclipsed by the bank of clouds once more.

Despite not having a clear view, it was a spectacular sight, and one which will not be repeated in the UK for another eleven years. The next one after that will be in 2090. Apparently there’ll be one in the USA in 2017 though, so if you’re over there at the time, you’re in for a real treat!

Around 10.30am, once the eclipse was over, the clouds disappeared and it turned into a beautiful spring day. Typical!


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