Sunshine in a box…

To combat the February blahs, I took part in an online “Sunshine in a box” exchange within my pen pal group. Obviously, I had to wait till my recipient receives it, so this post is after the fact, but here’s what I sent:

  • A yellow crocheted choker with a sun charm on it
  • Lady Grey teabags (they have a hint of orange with the bergamot, and orange is liquid sunshine)
  • A Terry’s Chocolate Orange (because it looks like the sun, and again, the orange flavour)
  • A packet of sunflower seeds
  • A lemon-scented bath bomb (because citrus lemon is very sunny)
  • Lemon-scented soap
  • A sun-protection lip balm

I packaged it all into a box, added a card on which I’d done a sun-shaped zentangle-inspired design, and wrapped it all in gold wrapping paper, which I then decorated with a little swirly design all over the place.

I got confirmation this morning that my recipient’s box of sunshine had finally arrived, and she is thrilled with her gifts (phew! I’m so relieved!).

Of course, I received a box of sunshine from someone else, and my sender chose so well for me – I am utterly delighted with what I received:

  • Two beautiful dragonfly hooks to hang up my numerous scarves
  • A gorgeous little silver thistle pendent

The reasoning behind those gifts is we are all members of a group which got together based on our love of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. Of course, they’re set in Scotland (for the most part), hence the thistle, and one of the gifts the female lead, Claire, receives is a dragonfly in amber (and that’s the name of the second book in the series).

I think I will make myself a choker upon which to hang that lovely little thistle.


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