Organization to the point of madness

It’s strictly on the hush-hush!

I have begun preparations for Tadpole’s 7th birthday party.

After last year’s great success of a rockpooling party at a lighthouse (where they got to climb right to the top of the lighthouse too!), I knew it would be tough to come up with something as exciting to match, or even beat, that. Because it was awesome. Really, it was. Even the adults thought so!

I got my thinking cap on, and once again, hit lucky when I spotted something by complete chance that I just knew Tadpole would love!

So I went ahead and sent a message asking for details. I got them. I am delighted with everything it entails. I booked it. Now I just have to find a venue for it, and I have an idea of where to go for that too, so I’ll be calling there this afternoon to find out availability and price for that.

I’ve already done a mock-up of a design for the invitations and I’m rather pleased with how they look.

Tadpole’s birthday is at the end of September.

Yes, I’m THAT organized! I like everything to be in place so I can quit worrying about it and just get on with having fun.

Of course, I’m not going to reveal what theme this year’s party will have – it will be a super-dooper-surprise that will be revealed when the invitations go out. Well, I don’t want anyone else stealing my idea, do I?!

So, till then, I shall leave you all in suspense. It’s nice having a little mystery. And I know Tadpole will be absolutely delighted again, and that’s the most important thing. After all, you only turn seven years old once!



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