athletic_gym_gymnasium_exercise_311481Yesterday I didn’t really feel like going to the gym. I had penciled it into my diary for an afternoon session, but I was toying with the idea of not going, as I was feeling a bit tired and lethargic. Then I remembered I was booked in with one of the personal trainers at 2.30pm, so I HAD to go.

So, I got changed into my gym kit, packed my gym bag, and set off to the sports centre.

I got into the gym at 2.25pm and surprised my instructor (called Jordan) by not only being on time, but being early. Of course, if he’d known me at all (which he didn’t, because this was the first time we’d met), he would have known that’s just how I am – I have to be early for everything or I get panicky and feel ill.

We started by sitting down together and discussing my goals – to shed the pounds slow and steady, at the rate of a pound a week – which he said was very sensible and a very attainable goal. I figure if I aim for a pound, it’s not only quite attainable, but there will be some weeks I bust that I shed more, which will make me happy and give me a boost. This is essential, as I want to lose more than 5 stones to hit goal (yes, I have let myself become lardy, but I’m not going to stay that way!).

We then talked about how I want to achieve that – I told Jordan I had already dropped just over a stone by changing my diet and I am logging everything on My Fitness Pal (which made him very happy, because he recommends that site to most of his clients apparently – I don’t blame him, it’s an excellent resource), and that my plan is to hit the gym two to three times a week, for sessions of around 45 minutes to an hour each time. I also told him I was very into weights and liked to lift heavy. This also made him happy, because it intimated I’d done my homework and knew (as I do, of course!), that lifting heavy ain’t gonna turn me into Arnie Shwarzenegger – that just doesn’t happen to women without major additional testosterone!

Then he got me set up on the tracking system which links to all the machines, both cardio and weights.

From this point on, I was working, and working hard. Jordan really put me through my paces on the cardio, setting me up on the stationary cycles, the treadmill and the elliptical walkers, and setting me targets for the 10-15 minutes I was on each.

Of course, me being me, I couldn’t just coast at the level of target he had set, I had to exceed it. And not just by a little, I had to push it hard. For example, I had been set a target on the cycle of staying above 75rpm for the entire 15 minutes. So I did my damndest to make sure it stayed above 80rpm the whole session. At the end, he told me I’d actually stayed above 85rpm almost the whole time and went as high as 95rpm for a part of it too.

Then he set me up on several weights machine designed to target large muscle groups, showed me how to use them with good form, and set me a target of 3 sets of 12 repetitions on each. Of course, not having done weights in 2 1/2 years, my ability to lift heavy has gone down the tubes and I’m starting from scratch, so even the weights I considered very low were a little challenging, and I totally felt it during the last few reps of each set.

When we were done, Jordan made my day by saying he’d never seen anyone push so hard on a first session and that I had impressed him with my determination. It made me very proud of myself, and made me even more determined to work every bit as hard, if not harder, at my next session. He then told me that we’d have another chat about goals in a month’s time, or sooner if I felt I was ready to step things up earlier than that, and that he’d be keeping an eye on my progress through the system. Of course, that means no slacking off – as if I would!

It as a great session and I am really, really glad I went along to the gym after all. I left the place pouring with sweat, but feeling invigorated, and it reminded me how great it feels to give my body a really good work out.

Surprisingly, today I don’t feel all that achy (so far!), so I guess my muscles are starting to remember (after a couple of light sessions last week) that they are muscles and they have a job to do. I have now firmly written in the diary another session for Thursday afternoon, and another for Saturday afternoon, and nothing short of accident or family emergency will keep me away!

Thank you, Jordan, for giving me some good, strong targets, and pushing me yesterday – it was exactly what I needed! See you in a month’s time when I will need some much higher goals, because I am determined to blow these ones out of the water!

And now, I leave you all with a bit of Spandau Ballet, singing about being sweaty and muscly, because it’s a great track and makes me smile. 🙂


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