Disappointment… and excitement

4454911-female-excercise-silhouettes-gym-exercise-fitnessMy ballroom and Latin American dance class has been cancelled permanently, and I am absolutely gutted. We only had the first class, then the next two were cancelled due to a family bereavement. It was going to be back on this week, but then the teacher had another family emergency and the centre hosting it has cancelled it completely. They’re keeping everyone’s details in case the class runs again at a later date, but I am absolutely gutted about it.

However, next week I will begin my aquafit class with my buddy, which is going to be loads of fun, and today I went out and bought two pairs of yoga pants, several baggy tops, and a pair of trainers (just a cheap pair), and checked out the price of membership at a small gym just 10 minutes walk from my house. I will go along tomorrow for an induction and to see if the atmosphere there is comfortable (if it’s not, there’s a larger gym 30 minutes walk from the house I could try – the same place I’ll be going to my aquafit class).

As added incentive I have promised myself a new pair of all singing, all dancing, super fantastic trainers after the Easter holidays if I can get into a routine of going regularly by then. The plan is to go to the gym a couple of times a week and to the aqua fit class once a week too. I might even pick up another class somewhere along the line – I quite fancy trying zumba…

So, although I’m sad the dance class has completely fallen through, it’s not all bad – and I’m excited about all the other stuff going on. Especially as I’ve arranged with hubby to mind our youngest son in the afternoon and pick up our eldest from school tomorrow so I can go to the gym! I’m reclaiming my body as of now!

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