Gothic gauntlets to fend off the cold

29.01.15 - Gothic gauntletI have a cold. A cold is a cold – I feel generally run down, my nose is stuffy, and my throat is a bit raw, but the worst of it is that most of the time I can’t seem to get warm. What is a gal to do under such circumstances? Well, if she’s a crafty gal. like me, then she’ll fashion some means of keeping warm.

As I already have several blankets and a husband who complains that we have nowhere to put any more I might make, and I have made scarves galore, I thought I’d make some gauntlets – something I could use to keep my wrists and most of my hands warm, but still be able to crochet while wearing them. And not only do they have to be warm, they have to be pretty, because I like pretty things and they cheer me up when I’m feeling under the weather.

So far I’ve made one gauntlet, so I have another matching one to make before I have a pair, but I like how it turned out, and it’s so cozy I’m considering making some ankle warmers to a similar design.

I’m using a variegated yarn with shades of chocolate brown, fawn, beige, terracotta and dark gold through it for the wrist, then white for the “lace”, finished with a pearl and crystal button for decoration.

And they seem particularly Outlander-ish, which is nice, because it’ll likely still be cold in April when the second half of the first season starts, so I can feel all Highlander-ish while I watch. And no doubt I’ll be crafting as I enjoy my screen filled with Jamie Fraser.

If you’re interested in making some of these gauntlets, you can find the instructional video on YouTube HERE.

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