What is wrong with people???

jesuisAhmedI am absolutely horrified at the trending hashtag #KillallMuslims. I am sickened and disgusted at the double standards.

If a Muslim tweeted ‪#‎killallChristians‬ they’d call him a “terrorist”, but a non-Muslim tweeting ‪#‎killallmuslims‬ is simply expressing their freedom of speech!!!

The horrific attack in Paris which saw twelve people dead at the Charlie Hebdo offices on 7th January was nothing to do with freedom of speech – it was to do with war. It was the act of extremists, not of normal, decent people. And lest anyone forget, police officer Ahmed Merabet, one of the men killed on that day, was also Muslim. More than that, he was a man who was serving his community, protecting them from those who would do them harm.

I am sick to death of armchair extremists – because that’s what these people are – it is still terrorism!

Until people can accept that these acts of terrorism are made by an extremist minority, and stop calling for the mass extermination of all people of the same faith, things will continue to get worse.

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3 thoughts on “What is wrong with people???

  1. ALL religion is horrible and breeds hurts, sin and hatred.
    The only way out of this horrid world is to do what our creator says: Be born again and follow the CORRECT JESUS.
    You are absolutely right: All religionists are accusatory. However, Islam is dangerous to people created in God’s image ( humans), because according to Quran they serve the god of this world , which God our Creator personally calls Satan. It is not the Muslims fault that they are deceived. If Christians would have grown up in that cultural climate they would just be the same extreme. But thank God, He has provided a way out of this messed up world. If you notice: With Muslims and other extremists ( Clan, bank robbers….)they ALWAYS hide, because their deeds are evil and they know it in their hearts and would not show their faces.
    Just think: every mother ever held her baby had high hopes for that child to be an asset to their generation. Muslim mothers have no problem for their children to become radicals for Allah.

    1. I don’t believe that Islam is any more dangerous than any other religion. All deity-centric religions have their extremists who take their beliefs to a dark and hateful place in the name of their God. I don’t believe any one religion’s God is any more right or wrong than any other. My personal belief is that there is no God and I will continue to believe that until there is incontrovertible proof of existence. Therefore if I were to commit atrocities, it would not be in any God’s name, nor would it be my lack of a faith that caused me to do those things – it would simply be that I was a terrible, horrible, dangerous person, as is the case with these religious fanatics. They are not indicative of their religion, therefore others of the same religion should not be persecuted, terrorised, or an any way harmed as a result of the actions of these crazy few. Muslims all around the world are every bit as disgusted by these acts of terror as everyone else is.

      And I hope you don’t mind my pointing out the hypocrisy in your own comment – you state, and I quote directly, “ALL religion is horrible and breeds hurts, sin and hatred.” but then you immediately state that (again, a direct quote) “The only way out of this horrid world is to do what our creator says: Be born again and follow the CORRECT JESUS.” Implying that what you REALLY meant to say was “All religion is horrible… except mine.”

      1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I grew up atheist.
        Regardless WHAT religion: It is all humanly inspired and hence FALSE, including Christianity.
        I do not have any religion, nor will I EVER follow any religion. There is God, who is our creator and He calls us to love EVERY person, since regardless WHO one is, we were created in the Image of that ONE God, who is our Creator: Body, Soul and Spirit= trinity.
        And no, my views are totally unimportant, but God’s opinion will always count. How can one know God;s opinion: One has to SEEK Him and one will find Him in the Bible and nowhere else on this godforsaken earth. No religion can change that.
        To they” there is no God” makes self a god and hence you have a religion: called Humanistic. And gain, that is not every helpful.
        So check out what I said and seek God. That is your best bet.

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