Of tea and Christmas spirit…

Twinings Floral Tea
My beautiful Twinings Floral tea caddies, soon never to be filled again!

There are few things in life more comforting than the Great British Cuppa. Had bad news? Have a cup of tea. Feeling a bit blue? Have a cup of tea. Under the weather or worse for wear? Have a cup of tea. Friends come calling? Sit down with them and have a cup of tea and a chinwag.

Tea is marvelous – the elixir of life to those who love it – so when you find a tea you truly love, it’s a wonderous thing.

For me, that tea is the floral tea range by Twinings. My absolute favourite is the Blossom Earl Grey (Earl Grey with just a hint of orange blossom), but I also love their Rose Garden and Jasmin Earl Grey, and if I’m having trouble sleeping, their Lavender Earl Grey helps ease me into a sleeping state. In the cold weather, their Mulled Spice tea is quite the most luxuriously warming drink, redolent of traditional Christmases in front of the fire.

So imagine my dismay when I discovered Twinings are now discontinuing the entire range!

It came at a time when I had only a few teabags left of some of them, and none at all of others. When the response to my enquiry came through, I’m not ashamed to admit, I actually shed a couple of tears.

I then hurriedly asked if there were any left of my favourites, so that I could re-order, as two of the teas were not even showing on their website. The reply was that there is no more Lavender Earl Grey, but a box of each of the others is being sent to me, free of charge, as a gift, and my comments are being passed on to the development team.

I was quite blown away by their generosity!

I still went straight to the website and ordered £54-worth of the teas that were still listed – 440 teabags should keep me going for a little while at least. I shall eke them out and make them last as long as possible, as I will be very sad to see the last of them. IN the meantime, I shall enjoy every last drop, especially of the ones that are being gifted to me in a display of Christmas spirit not usually associated with large companies.

Twinings, I salute you and your customer care. I only hope you decide to change your minds about my beloved floral teas, and that by the time I’m running low again, you will be putting them back into production!


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