From being very young, I have had penpals. Over the years I have exchanged letters with people from all around the world, and at present I have half a dozen or so friends, in England, America, Canada and Australia, some new and others with whom I have corresponded for years. There’s nothing quite like sitting down and writing a letter to someone – the flow of the pen on the paper as your thoughts tumble out and turn into words on a page is quite therapeutic sometimes, and I find it very calming. And receiving a letter is so exciting – I like to set aside time to myself and sit down with a nice, hot cup of tea while I enjoy reading them, and think about how I shall respond.

When one of my penpals, who has a daughter the same age as Tadpole, contacted me saying her daughter would like to have a penpal I was delighted to ask if he’d like a friend across the sea to write to. He was very enthusiastic in accepting and was incredibly excited when the first letter from his new friend arrived.

Tonight he wrote his reply and I’m very proud of him – for a six year old, it’s rather a long letter and he took a lot of care over it and drew a little picture of them both together on the back. I’m sure she is anxiously awaiting her letter from Tadpole, so it will go to the post office tomorrow.

I guess you can’t start too young – and I hope this is the beginning of a lovely and lengthy trans-Atlantic friendship!

Here’s his lovely letter – obviously I’ve edited it to protect identities, but I thought it would be nice to include it to show how well he did.

Edited letter


3 thoughts on “Penpals…

    1. He’s come so far this past year or so and he loves writing – he recently wrote out 40 cards to give out to friends and family all by himself, and he’s always getting out the old fashioned slate and pencil we got at Beamish and writing stuff on it. He can’t get enough of it! 🙂

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