Tadpole’s Xmas cards and gifts

Small reindeer dust instructions
Print off these Reindeer Dust instructions and include them in the packets

Tadpole is six years old now and getting so grown up! He decided he wanted to write his festive cards to his classmates all by himself, so I got a couple of packs quite cheaply and let him loose with them, telling him he could write a few each day so as not to get bored with it. Well, he loved it so much, he wrote all forty, yes, FORTY cards in one go and then asked if he could do some more! He still had to put names on the envelopes, so he did that instead. He has 27 classmates, one teacher and three teaching assistants, so he used the rest of his cards to write to family members.

Once he was done, he thought it would be nice to give his classmates and teacher/assistants a little gift, which, while very generous, could be the bane of any parent’s life, after all, 27+1+3 = 31. That’s a lot of gifts and could be very costly!

So here’s what we did…

It just so happens that Santa’s Elves taught me how to make Magical Reindeer Dust, so I thought everyone else might like to know how to make it too.

Our bags of Magical Elf-Made Reindeer Dust to sprinkle outside on Xmas Eve!


  • Porridge oats
  • Sparkles

Now, I’ve seen it made with glitter and metallic sparkles before, but I worry that it might harm wildlife if they eat those, so I used cake sparkles. I delved into my cupboard and found some that were just about at the end of their shelf life – some sparkly sugar crystals and some silver balls. Then we mixed them in with the oats.

I had an abundance of little gauze bags, but you could just as easily make little paper envelopes to package up your reindeer dust, and decorate them however you like.

27.11.14 - Writing Xmas Cards 1
Tadpole diligently writing his festive greetings

The last inclusion was a little scroll with the instructions for using the reindeer dust, which I printed out on the computer.

Next we had to think of something for Tadpole’s teacher and three teaching assistants. Clearly Reindeer Dust is for the kids, so we needed something a little more grown up for the adults in the class. Last year we made individual Xmas cakes and mince pies, but we haven’t had time to do any baking yet (we’ll be doing some right before Xmas though, so we can leave a treat for Santa on Xmas Eve!). So, we had to come up with an alternative gift…

As all four are female, we decided that I would make a Shamballa-style bracelet for each of them. Tadpole chose the bead and colour combinations, I put them together, and then popped them in some more of the little gauze bags – much easier than wrapping them individually and it looks very pretty!

I hope they’ll like they’re gifts!

Shamballa-style bracelets for Tadpole’s teacher and teaching assistants


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