Analogue Days…

ANALOGUE DAYIf you’ve had a look at my list of 52 things in 52 weeks for next year, you might be a little puzzled by challenge #51, which is to have an “analogue day” each month.

“What is an analogue day?” I hear many of you ask. Well, I shall tell you. An analogue day is a day spent with no (or next to no) contact with digital technology.

The long and short of it is, you do without television, computers, mobile phones, and all kinds of social media for 24 hours. Instead you find things to do that do not involve the use of those things.

So, if you, like I, feel that sometimes it might be better to just switch off and live life a little simpler, perhaps you’d like to join me in switching off for the day once a month. You can see the full details on analogue days HERE. Just leave a link to your page or blog in the comments section at the bottom of that page and I’ll add you to the list of participants.

What have you got to lose? A few hours connected to everyone else? Think of what you stand to gain – all that time you’d usually spend surfing the net or watching TV will now be freed up to do something different, perhaps to try some completely new experiences. Come on, give it a go! You know you want to!


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