Our new home – phase three

It’s getting ever so close to moving day now, so here are a few more pics to keep you going till we get in and post the walk-around video…

The kitchen is now almost entirely done – only the back-splash to tile up with four more rows behind the cooker, the hood to go up, and then the fridge freezer to get moved into place and the table and chairs to set up. Just a few finishing touches to be made there. And check the look on Tadpole’s face as he helps Hubby measure up!

The bathroom now has a storage cabinet for towels and toiletries. I also had to scrub the bath (the picture shows it half done – I should have taken a photo before I started!)

The Boys’ bedroom is all but finished now – just the bedding to put on and the cupboard door to be transformed into the entrance of the T.A.R.D.I.S – that last part will be done further down the line.

The playroom is now finished and there are now some of the books and toys in place ready for the boys to play.

The living room only needs the flooring down now – the sound system is all wired in and we’re good to go. And yes, I already unpacked some of my books and put them on the shelves – a house isn’t a home till there are books on the shelves! There is also my new desk and chair to go in the left-hand alcove.


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