All the fun of the fair…

Today was a free music festival at the quayside. We got there early, before any of the music started (which is weird, because we arrived half an hour after the advertised start time!), but there was a funfair and craft stalls, so we had a little wander round and had some fun.

Tadpole made a beeline for the carousel – he loves any kind of vehicle, and this time he was delighted to drive Mater round and round, pressing all the buttons that made incredibly loud noises!

Then he spotted the swings and decided, for the first time, that he really wanted to ride them this time. In the past, he’s always been too afraid to go on them, but this time, he was very excited about it, and went straight over. As you can see from this little video, he loved it!

Next, he went and had a look at the fire engine that was parked nearby. he was absolutely beside himself with joy when the firemen let him clamber aboard and try on one of the helmets. Then he got to see all the equipment housed in the side panels, including the pump and the jaws of life – he was very impressed!

It as a shame we missed the music, as we had somewhere to be after lunch, but we had fun at the fair anyway, and little Choochie looked like he wanted to to the rides too – he’s way to small at the moment, but his turn will come!


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