Tadpole has always been terrified of dogs. Even puppies. Yes, that’s right, he has never been one for stroking teensy wriggly puppies or throwing a ball for a dog, even a small one, to fetch back.

For the past ten months, we’ve been living in a ground floor flat. Our upstairs neighbours have two dogs, and whenever they’ve been in the yard, Tadpole has been too afraid to go out to play, and has instead watched forlornly from the window till they went back indoors.

Until today.

Hubby went out and started kicking a tennis ball for the dogs to chase, then came back indoors. Then Tadpole said he’d like to try it if Daddy would come with him so he wouldn’t get to scared. After a few minutes, Hubby came back inside and Tadpole continued playing with the dogs.

I am SO proud of our very brave big boy, conquering his fear. He even went so far as to say he really enjoyed it and would play with the dogs from now on. Pity we’ll be moving in the next month or so!


3 thoughts on “Bravery

    1. What’s even funnier and sweeter is that later on, Izzy (the black and white dog) came to the door later this evening to get Tadpole to come out to play again. So he went out and played fetch again – they were both delighted with each other’s company – LOL!

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