When the circus came to town…

I’ve not been to the circus since I was younger than Tadpole (he’s almost 6 years old) and every time I’ve seen an advertisement for a circus local to us, it’s been at a time we were unable to take him to see it. This time, however, the circus came to town while hubby is on holiday from work, and as tickets are cheapest for any seat in the house on the first day, we booked online and went early to get the best seats we could.

We got ringside!

OK, so it wasn’t Cirque du Soleil, but we weren’t expecting that, and what we DID get was a very entertaining show and a great family afternoon out.

Half way through, I asked Tadpole which part was his favourite so far. Here’s what he said:

As you can hear, he loved having his picture taken with the giant polar bear (obviously not a real bear, but someone dressed up as one, but it was a pretty good costume), and the rope act. You can see the rope act right here:

Even little Choochie couldn’t keep his eyes off the acts – the was absolutely glued to the action and awake for the entire two-hour show, clapping his little hands with everyone else at the end of each section.

I’m no fan of clowns, but their Ukrainian clown, Georgie, absolutely stole the show with his inter-act fillers, getting the audience involved, and even dragging some slightly unwilling “volunteers” up to take part in the performance.

We’ll definitely go again if and when they return – it was a wonderful family afternoon out.


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