Reasons to be Cheerful – Saturday

saturdayDay six of my positivity project – here are my three reasons to be cheerful for Saturday:

  1. Fun Local Events
    Despite the weather being less than pristine (in fact, it was a bit of a wash-out), the Blyth Maritime Festival was a lot of fun. There were the usual market stalls in the market place, but also fairground rides, then down at the quayside, there was a storytelling mermaid, bands and dancers performing, craft stalls, more rides, and a couple of guys in medieval get-up letting folks make their own stamped leather bracelets, so I made one for Tadpole. It was a fun time for very little outlay (I paid for him to do on a few rides, but that was all).
  2. Having two gorgeous lunch dates
    Well, one, really. Tadpole was awake and eating, but Choochie fell asleep as we reached our favourite cafe (Dolly Dimple’s), so Tadpole and I were each other’s lunch dates. He was quite delightful company.
  3. House!
    We had our offer accepted on the house we looked at the other day. Now we just have to see if the bank will give us a mortgage. It’s a do-er upper, but it has real potential, and we can see our little family being very happy there. Fingers and toes crossed!

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