Reasons to be cheerful – Monday

mondayDay one of my positivity project – here are my three reasons to be cheerful for Monday:

  1. Mother’s Pride
    When I went for a meeting with the headteacher of Tadpole’s school to discuss becoming a Parent Governor (I am flattered she asked me!), she took the time to tell me how impressed she is with Tadpole’s progress and what a lovely, cheerful boy he is; that he seems to have a thirst for learning and really enjoys school. She couldn’t praise him highly enough. I feel incredibly proud of my eldest son and so privileged to be his Mummy. It put a huge smile on my face and was a lovely start to my day.
  2. Good Friends
    I had a lovely catch-up chat and cuppa with my good friend, Kristi this morning. I really miss her on the morning school runs (she moved recently, so her daughter no longer goes to Tadpole’s school – we used to walk along together), but I’m so glad that we haven’t lost touch. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to keep people in our lives, but if they’re worth it, you make the time. It’s great to see Chris is getting along better with his injured leg now too – it’s been a long haul and I wish him a very speedy recovery from here on in!
  3. A Good Soak
    Hubby ran me a hot bubble bath and I had a good, long soak with a hot mug of lavender tea (which he also made for me) ad a good book. I feel much more relaxed and groovy now, and so very, very sleepy.

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